studio R tattoo abides the Danish law, as following:

  • No tattooing of hands or face
  • No tattooing on persons under the age of 18.

Notice: It’s not even legal with permission from the parents.


We also have a laser, which e.g. can be used when doing cover up tattoos.

Notice: We don’t remove tattoos.


Before being tattooed:

  • Make sure to have eaten and drunken, at least a minor meal or snack.
  • Buy some Panthenol ointment from a pharmacy.
  • When getting a larger tattoo, it’s a good idea to bring a snack and something to drink.
  • You can also take some painkillers, e.g. Panodil.

After being tattooed:

  • You get a bandage on, which shall stay on for about 10 hours (max 20 hours)
  • When you remove it, there will be a mixture of ointment, blood and additional ink. You need to wash this away, with either hot or lukewarm water.
  • When you thereafter take a shower, you can do it as you normally do, but without getting soap on the tattoo and you should also not cover it afterwards.
  • The tattoo shall instead be smeared with a thin layer of Panthenol ointment.
  • No training, swimming or sun, as long as there is a wound on the tattoo.
  • After the wound is gone, you should still cover it against sunlight, for at up to 4-5 weeks.

Notice: Remember to always wash your hands, before touching the tattoo-wound and only use Panthenol ointment.


We also offer custom made tattoo drawings, like:

  • Drawings for a new tattoo.
  • Drawings for changing or expanding a current tattoo.
  • Drawings for covering up an old or badly made tattoo.

See: Examples

Notice: You can afterwards choose a different tattooist, to make the actual tattoo.